January 11, 2015#

Tea Leaves

Vintage Tea Valentine's Day Greeting by Alyssa Nassner

Romance is in the tea leaves this January I suppose! I don’t have a lot of new work to share, but rest assured, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. In an effort to hold you over until I can share more, here’s a little pre-Valentine’s Day illustration. I’m pretty much obsessed with those cheesy vintage love cards and all of the amazing puns that go with them. This illustration was inspired by a series of different coffee/tea designs I saw online!

October 2, 2014#

Everyday with Rachel Ray

Alyssa Nassner | Everyday with Rachel Ray

It’s been a while since I’ve shared any new work (other than on instagram) so I took a second to pull together work from an ongoing project for Everyday with Rachel Ray. For the past few month’s I’ve had the opportunity to work with the fine folks over at Everyday to illustrate spots for their ‘Scratch Pad’ section. The feature is basically a peek into the test kitchen sharing fun facts, favorite tools and foodie tips.

I don’t often make my illustrations very realistic looking so doing these pieces have been both fun and challenging. Also I love drawing food, as you may know. I’m pretty excited with how they’ve turned out. Here are some snipets from the past few months.

Alyssa Nassner | Everyday with Rachel Ray


Alyssa Nassner | Everyday with Rachel Ray


Alyssa Nassner | Everyday with Rachel Ray

Alyssa Nassner | Everyday with Rachel Ray


Alyssa Nassner | Everyday with Rachel Ray

August 11, 2014#

Book Worm Social Stationery

Book Worm Social Stationery by Alyssa Nassner

Just a little something that I created for Minted’s Write Away – Kids’ Stationery Challenge + a pattern for fun. If you’re a minted person please vote for me if you feel so inclined. You can view and vote here: minted.com

Book Worm Pattern by Alyssa Nassner

August 3, 2014#

Walker #CatVidFest

Alyssa Nassner #CatVidFest Temporary Tattoo

The Cat Video Festival is coming to Minneapolis on August 14th and I was lucky enough to design a temporary tattoo for Walker Art Center. Tattoos designed by local cat lovers will be available at the event and there will be a special cat drawing party going on that evening as well. If you’re in town come stop by, watch some adorable cat videos, and say hello to me at the cat drawing table!!

Alyssa Nassner #CatVidFest Temporary TattooAlyssa Nassner #CatVidFest Temporary Tattoo

July 24, 2014#

Illustration Bucket List

Target Gift Card by Alyssa Nassner

I’m sure it’s no secret, or surprise, that one of the huge items on my illustration bucket list was collaborating on a gift card with Target. Given, my employment at the ol’ red and khaki definitely gave that dream a boost. That being said, I’m so excited to share my first gift card for Target. It came out in June 2014 and was designed the winter prior. Not only was I lucky enough to illustrate the final piece, I was able to help in the full conception and art direction of the gift card. I worked with a great team of designers, copyrighters and one fantastic creative director to make this dream come true. Stay tuned though, I’ll have one more design to share when it’s released this holiday!

If you’re interested in grabbing one of my wedding gift cards you can find them in your local Target stores, or online.

Here are some of the concept sketches and preliminary palette options we developed as a team:

Alyssa Nassner Wedding Cake Sketch

Alyssa Nassner Gift Card Color Ways

Now that I’m moving on from my career at Target and I’ve checked off a lot of items on my “to-do” list I find myself wondering what’s next for me (designing some home product maybe – that would be awesome). It’s time to find new goals, make new connections, and hopefully continue to grow as an artist. I’ve learned so much over the past two years and I’m excited to see what I can accomplish with two more!

July 21, 2014#

Exciting News!

After two years of happily designing for Target I’m excited to announce that I’m officially taking the leap and returning to my freelance career! It was a very tough decision and it will be difficult to say goodbye to my creative team to return to my freelance life of isolation but I’m sure it’s the right next move for me. There’s not much else to share right now – I’ve got some great projects in the works, and of course, my brand-spankin’ new stationery company Hooray Today. A big thanks to everyone who’s offered me support during this change, and for those who continue to be a source of inspiration as I follow my new path!

In conclusion, I’m super excited and it was 100% necessary for me to draw food to announce my big news.

Alyssa Nassner is going freelance!

March 20, 2014#

Vote: Science Fair Contest

If you feel so inclined, please visit this week’s Spoonflower contest and vote for my submission! This week’s contest theme is ‘Science Fair’ and we were asked to come up with a pattern that depicts something that a kid would show at school. Although doing a volcano pattern was my very first idea, I decided to go with something that was more overtly ‘sciencey’. I’ve never been to / participated in a science fair myself, so I also thought these icons would be pretty well, iconic, and easily recognizable (also fun).

So if you have a sec please visit the contest page on www.spoonflower.com and give me a vote, or tell your friends! Thanks!

Alyssa Nassner | Science Fair ContestAlyssa Nassner | Science Pattern Coordinate

Below is my actual submission, above is my instagram baby ad, and a lil coordinate I made to keep the science fair pattern company.

Alyssa Nassner | Science Fair Pattern

March 19, 2014#

Spotted: Papyrus Wedding Card

Huzzah! My Papyrus card made the front page of the website! ‘Happily Ever After’ card available here.

I’ve also found some new releases on the Papyrus website. Check out the new Mother’s Day design by yours truly:

March 18, 2014#

Assignment Bootcamp: Bolt Fabric

First things first, I just realized I’ve been calling this class ‘Illustration Bootcamp’ and that’s not even what it’s called – so go me! (It’s Lilla Roger’s “Assignment Bootcamp” for anyone interested)

Second, here is my completed piece for Lilla’s March assignment. The outline for this assignment was simple: Jello was our theme, and bolt fabric was the market. Not knowing entirely too much about either of those things I found it very difficult to get the ball rolling on the artwork. I will admit and say that I cheated a bit – I didn’t draw a single thing until I found out what the assignment was going to be. For the first project I did all of my sketching first like a good student, and I think that influenced my project in a weird way. I like tailor making my art for it’s use – so I was much happier with my end result.

© Alyssa Nassner | Retro Dessert Pattern

For this pattern I was inspired by 50′s and retro cook books. I love the illustrations, design elements, and use of color used in the era and I tried my best to translate some of that to my own art. In the end I think I achieved what I wanted, while still maintaining my hand and my “style”. In the future I’d love to push myself further to create a more dynamic layout. It was also important to me to come up with some suggestions of coordinates. I think the strawberry pattern is cute and an ode to the Jell-o molds with floaty fruit. I thought having a dark grounded multi print would be sweet, so I re-appropriated some of the diamond pieces from the main pattern to make a little geo friend. Finally, stripes (and dots) are staples of every fabric collection, so I included a light, little mint and white candy stripe that would place nicely with the busier prints.

I think I still have a ways to go to get to where I would like to be in terms of pattern design (so weird to even say that too, seeing as it’s my day job), but I feel confident that I’m on the way!

Here a few of my “in progress” shots as well:

© Alyssa Nassner | Pattern Sketches

As you can see, this collection came from VERY humble beginnings. Rough sketches, to weird palettes, to stylistic changes – thanks to everyone for their amazing feedback, support, and constructive criticism. I’m way happier with the final product because of it!

March 4, 2014#

Wedding Invites: Joe + Sin

Wedding Invite designed by Alyssa Nassner

Spring is here, which means wedding season is right around the corner! Not only are some of my close friends getting ready to say ‘I do’, I have a pair of amazing clients that are tying the knot this June as well! You may remember the Save the Date postcards I designed for Joe and Sin this fall (click the link for a refresher). Above are the final invites and info cards to go along with the floral inspired save the dates. These were a delight to work on, and for an awesome couple to boot!