March 20, 2014#

Vote: Science Fair Contest

If you feel so inclined, please visit this week’s Spoonflower contest and vote for my submission! This week’s contest theme is ‘Science Fair’ and we were asked to come up with a pattern that depicts something that a kid would show at school. Although doing a volcano pattern was my very first idea, I decided to go with something that was more overtly ‘sciencey’. I’ve never been to / participated in a science fair myself, so I also thought these icons would be pretty well, iconic, and easily recognizable (also fun).

So if you have a sec please visit the contest page on www.spoonflower.com and give me a vote, or tell your friends! Thanks!

Alyssa Nassner | Science Fair ContestAlyssa Nassner | Science Pattern Coordinate

Below is my actual submission, above is my instagram baby ad, and a lil coordinate I made to keep the science fair pattern company.

Alyssa Nassner | Science Fair Pattern

March 19, 2014#

Spotted: Papyrus Wedding Card

Huzzah! My Papyrus card made the front page of the website! ‘Happily Ever After’ card available here.

I’ve also found some new releases on the Papyrus website. Check out the new Mother’s Day design by yours truly:

March 18, 2014#

Assignment Bootcamp: Bolt Fabric

First things first, I just realized I’ve been calling this class ‘Illustration Bootcamp’ and that’s not even what it’s called – so go me! (It’s Lilla Roger’s “Assignment Bootcamp” for anyone interested)

Second, here is my completed piece for Lilla’s March assignment. The outline for this assignment was simple: Jello was our theme, and bolt fabric was the market. Not knowing entirely too much about either of those things I found it very difficult to get the ball rolling on the artwork. I will admit and say that I cheated a bit – I didn’t draw a single thing until I found out what the assignment was going to be. For the first project I did all of my sketching first like a good student, and I think that influenced my project in a weird way. I like tailor making my art for it’s use – so I was much happier with my end result.

© Alyssa Nassner | Retro Dessert Pattern

For this pattern I was inspired by 50′s and retro cook books. I love the illustrations, design elements, and use of color used in the era and I tried my best to translate some of that to my own art. In the end I think I achieved what I wanted, while still maintaining my hand and my “style”. In the future I’d love to push myself further to create a more dynamic layout. It was also important to me to come up with some suggestions of coordinates. I think the strawberry pattern is cute and an ode to the Jell-o molds with floaty fruit. I thought having a dark grounded multi print would be sweet, so I re-appropriated some of the diamond pieces from the main pattern to make a little geo friend. Finally, stripes (and dots) are staples of every fabric collection, so I included a light, little mint and white candy stripe that would place nicely with the busier prints.

I think I still have a ways to go to get to where I would like to be in terms of pattern design (so weird to even say that too, seeing as it’s my day job), but I feel confident that I’m on the way!

Here a few of my “in progress” shots as well:

© Alyssa Nassner | Pattern Sketches

As you can see, this collection came from VERY humble beginnings. Rough sketches, to weird palettes, to stylistic changes – thanks to everyone for their amazing feedback, support, and constructive criticism. I’m way happier with the final product because of it!

March 4, 2014#

Wedding Invites: Joe + Sin

Wedding Invite designed by Alyssa Nassner

Spring is here, which means wedding season is right around the corner! Not only are some of my close friends getting ready to say ‘I do’, I have a pair of amazing clients that are tying the knot this June as well! You may remember the Save the Date postcards I designed for Joe and Sin this fall (click the link for a refresher). Above are the final invites and info cards to go along with the floral inspired save the dates. These were a delight to work on, and for an awesome couple to boot!

March 3, 2014#

Bonjour Spring!

Bonjour Spring by Alyssa Nassner

Can I just say it… if Spring doesn’t come soon I may whither away. I’ve been seriously craving some sunshine. Unfortunately, living in the ‘Polar Vortex’, Spring/Summer (we go from Winter to Summer typically) is months away. In an effort to sooth my seasonal depression (not really, but almost) I decided to draw a little cutie frolicking through a Parisian park. She’s enjoying the Spring on my behalf :) I hope everyone is surviving their March so far – it seems like everywhere is fighting snowstorms, rainstorms, or bone-chilling cold right now… Let’s hope warm weather doesn’t take too long to come around!

December 30, 2013#

Resolutions in 2014

2014 is knockin’ at the door, and I’ve been considering what my New Year’s resolution will be. Eating healthy and taking care of myself isn’t always my top priority as I rush from work to home and work again, and as you may have guessed from my recent artwork, I have a bit of a sweet tooth. 2014 will be the year of taking as much time for my health as I do for my career! I’ll be drinking more water, eating my veggies, and being more active – while still saving room for donuts, of course!

Here’s a broccoli champ to wish you luck with your New Year’s resolutions, whatever they may be!

New Years Broccoli by Alyssa Nassner

December 15, 2013#

Art Team Secret Santa

For this Holiday season Target’s textile team decided to organize a Secret Santa. The rules were simple, we all drew names (like you do) and had a spending limit of $5 for the entire gift. This pretty much forces you to be creative with your gift giving. Below is the artwork I did for my secret santa – the $5 went towards little frames for these guys, and a lil something sweet.

Although they’re not very festive, I think these little guys will please their recipient. I hope everyone else is enjoying their Holiday season, and have enjoyed giving gifts to loved ones!



December 4, 2013#

Magical Donut Journey

In case you were craving more donut themed art – consider yourself satiated (this time with 80% more magic).


November 12, 2013#

Donuts: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop!

Seriously… I might be obsessed. That’s okay, right? Here are a few more donut inspired artworks. I’m working on a few more, so I’ll probably add to this post. There is no such thing as too many donuts, right?


Don’t forget the donut chart! Available for purchase here.

November 9, 2013#

A Very ‘Sean Scheidt’ Christmas

Another Christmas greeting card design – this time for my good friend, and talented photographer, Sean Scheidt. I’ll be open for commissions through mid-February if anyone is interested!