Wine Enthusiast Podcast

I have the pleasure of illustrating this season of WINE ENTHUSIAST's podcast covers. The first episode, which is live now, is ironically not about wine, but whiskey.

I'm super excited about this opportunity, as Wine Enthusiast has been one of my go-to resources in my personal pursuit of Wine knowledge. I can't wait to work on this series and share all of the wine & spirit illustrations to come!

Check the podcast out here, and check back for more of my work and great podcasts!


Better Together - Book Preview

This book is in stores now, so sharing this preview on the blog is a little dated at this point. That being said, I'm still super proud of how this project turned out. The entire book is paper cut illustrations by the super talented Jared Andrew Schorr. Jared is one of the most hard-working, talented, and friendly folks I know, and he knocked this book out of the park. It really is a nice little package, and I'm so glad we implemented the novelty gatefolds with diecuts!

Pinot Noir Process

I've neglected my blog slightly, but that doesn't mean I'm not creating new artwork! Check out the process video for my Pinot Noir Tasting illustration below!

This illustration was created using Kyle T. Webster's brushes in Photoshop. I work using a Wacom Cintiq, and the video was recorded using Quicktime and edited using iMovie. 

Beyond the studio

Ch-ch-check out my interview with Amanda and Nicole now up on Beyond the Studio. I had the great pleasure of discussing everything from passion projects, my publishing job, efficient living/working and my obsession with Blue Apron.

If you haven't heard of this podcast, it's worth checking out and adding to your playlist. It's hosted by two fellow MICA alum, one of which being my best bud and longtime friend, Amanda Adams. Through a series of interviews, Beyond the Studio explores what it means to lead a creative life, and how artists are pursuing their "dream" art jobs.

Process Video - Weird Feels

Here's another quick process video for a new lettering piece. The video is about an hour and a half of work, but I took a 15-20 minute phone call in there at some point, so probably less (and explains why there's a slight pause). I overheard some girl say this phrase on the sidewalk and I wrote it down immediately. It's so hilariously weird and perfect.

I've included the original sketch, below. It goes to show that not everything translates perfectly once you get started on final artwork. This piece required a little bit of improvisation - but I think it turned out for the best!


Peachy Lettering Update

Two new lettering pieces with a peachy palette! I've been prioritizing lettering work for my personal growth for the past few months, and challenging myself to create new pieces on a regular basis. Some of them have come to build my new portfolio, others have been created to exist just on social media platforms like Instagram. These two might not make the portfolio, but I still love them, along with this new palette exploration.

Process Video - Better than Perfect

It's been a minute since I recorded a time lapse of one of my personal projects. Here's a quick WIP video from the illustration / lettering I did last night. This was maybe an hour or so of work time, maybe longer. What you see below is the creation process until I started playing with color palette. Happy with how this turned out, and I feel like the content of the piece is a little ironic when compared to my "type A" working style.

As always, this piece started as a loose sketch in my sketchbook, and then was completed 100% digitally using Photoshop. I use the dry brush pack from and do all of my work using my Wacom Cintiq, which I could not function without.

ICON Photos

I had such a great trip to Austin, TX for ICON9 this July! Even though I went to bed at 10pm and was 80% grumpy the entire trip (I'm a hopeless introvert) it ended up being a super great conference. I didn't keep a sketchbook or take ANY notes, but here are some photos of my favorite Brooklyn illustration ladies: Alicia Adamerovich, Jen Keenen, Jordan Sondler, Paige Vickers, Sunny Eckerle (pictured below) and also me.

Process Video - New York, New York

Excited to share some of my lettering process with you. I recorded this stop motion video on my computer to show my illustration technique . . .  (that sounds maybe TOO professional) or more just the massive amount of decisions I make and take back within the process of creating one piece of artwork. I think this was approximately one hour of illustration work, and not pictured is the second hour of choosing colors repeatedly until I landed on the palette below. The sketch didn't even have an apple in it, or look even remotely similar to where this piece eventually ended up. I hope you enjoy watching this video, and feel free to reach out with any questions. This entire piece was created in Photoshop, on my Wacom Cintiq, using Kyle's brushes available here.